About Us

Geographical Location and Demography

Sekyere Kumawu District Assembly is one of the 43 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in the Ashanti Region in the Republic of Ghana with Kumawu as the District Capital. It was created in 2012 by Legislative Instrument (LI) 2060.The district is located between Latitudes 0° 20 and 1° 20 North and Longitudes 0° 45 and 1° 15 West. It covers an estimated land area of 1,500.60 square kilometres, which is 6.2% of the total land area of the Ashanti Region. Kumawu, the District Capital is about 54 kilometres North-east of Kumasi, the Regional Capital.The district shares boundaries with Sekyere Central District to the West, Sekyere East District to the North, Asante Akim North Municipality to the South-west and Sekyere Afram Plains District to the South. Politically, the District has one constituency with twenty-five (25) Electoral Areas. The District Assembly is made up of 38 Members comprising the Hon. District Chief Executive, the Hon. Member of Parliament and 36 Assembly Members (25 elected and 11 Government Appointees). Out of this number, two (2) are females and thirty-four (34) are males.Traditionally, the District has one Paramountcy; namely Kumawu. Traditional Authorities champion the developmental efforts of their respective areas as well as serve as arbitrators in their areas of jurisdiction. The vision of the Assembly is to have an open system of administration that has adequate information to make decisions that are necessary for the development of the district. The Sekyere Kumawu District Assembly exists to improve upon the quality of life of the people through effective and efficient mobilization and utilization of resources in partnership with all stakeholders. The Sekyere Kumawu District has been relatively calm and peaceful making it possible for people to go about their lawful duties without any fear of intimidation. It has vast acres of arable land suitable for the cultivation of both commercial and food crops such as cocoa, oil palm, coconut, maize, cassava etc. There is therefore a very huge potential in the Agricultural, Tourism, Housing Sectors as well as Climate Change Interventions.

The Sekyere Kumawu District is located in the eastern part of Ashanti with Kumawu as its capital town.

The Sekyere Kumawu District Assembly (SKDA) was established on 15th day of March, 2012 by Legislative Instrument (LI) 2171. The Sekyere Kumawu District has total population of 64,396 according to the 2020 Population and Housing Census. Out of this number 30,890 representing 48% are males and 33,506 representing 52%, are females. Disaggregation of the population based on Rural and Urban is 33,652 (52.3%) being urban and 30,744 (47.7%) rural. The District population in 2030 is estimated at 86,535 with a growth rate of 3.5%. About 62.4% of the employed population is engaged in agriculture, forestry whiles 10.3% are in whole sale and retail trade

Mission & Vision

The Sekyere Kumawu District Assembly exists to facilitate the improvement in the quality of life of the people in close collaboration with the private sector and other development partners in the District.

Our vision is to become a well-developed District Assembly that provides and facilitates excellent services to its people to ensure improvement in the quality of life of its people.

Core Values

The District Assembly has some core values that guide behaviour of staff and community. These core values ensure that staff are people oriented, integrity focused, committed to achieve organisational goals, mission statement and vision. The values also strive for excellence, transparency, accountability and good leadership.